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Die Department

Die Equipment

Mitsui Seiki VU65A Vertical Machining Center (1) 

Mitsui Seiki VL30 High Speed Precision Vertical Machining Center (1)


Mori Seiki NL2000 CNC Metal Lathe (1)

Mori Seiki NL2500 CNC Metal Lathe (1)

Mitsubishi FA20 EDM Wire Cutting Machine (1)

Mitsubishi FA20S EDM Wire Cutting Machine (1)

Mitsubishi MV2400R ADVANCE PLUS M800 EDM Wire Cutting Machine (1)

Mitsubishi ED-2000S EDM Hole Driller (1)

Techno Wasino Techster Wet Grinder (1)

Nagase SGW-64 Wet Grinder (2)

Nicco F-515 Dry Grinder (1)

Harig 618 Ballway Dry Grinder (2)

Shot Machine A.One Polish -SMAP (2)

Darex XT3000 Xpandable Drill Tool Sharpener (1)

KSJ Built Die Polishing Station (2)

Baileigh BS-330M Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw (1)

DoALL 2013-V Vertical Contour Band Saw (1)

Bridgeport Milling Machine (1)

South Bend Lathe (1)

Baileigh BB-4812 Industrial 48” Heavy Duty Manual Box and Pan Finger Brake (1)

Heck Industries VA-400 Bevel Mill Bench Top (1)

Eguro LB-6 Bench Top Lathe (1)

Heiwa Technica Fine Cut Birdie Cut Off Saw (1)

PTC CAD System (4)

PTC Creo Distributed 3D Workstation (2)

ESPRIT CAM Software (2)

Dell R710 Server Workstation (2)

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